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082 _bA00059
245 1 0 _aO friend, this waiting!
_cdirected by Sandhya Kumar and Justin McCarthy.
260 _a[Bangalore] :
_bSandhya Kumar,
300 _a1 videodisc of 1 DVD (32 mins) :
_bsd., col. ;
_c4 3/4 in.
508 _aCamera: Amit Mahanti ; Editing: Sandhya Kumar ; Sound: R. Elangovan.
511 _aVocalist: Sudha Raghuraman ; Dancer: Bharathi Penneswaran.
520 _aCould a song be full of love, and yet banal and trifling? Such were the love songs written by a poet musician Kshetrayya, to be performed by the dancing courtesans at the royal courts of 17th century South India. His love songs, known as 'padams' became the most cherished of the devadasi's songs of love. Through the history these love songs, known as padams, the film 'O Friend, this Waiting!' constructs a possible social and cultural history of the devadasis. While visually the film dwells in the performative spaces of the 17th century temples and courts, the narrative explores the politics of modernism and marginalization that erased the devadasi from the collective public conscience.--Container.
600 0 _aKshetrayya (Nayaka King)
_y17th century
_zSouth India.
650 0 _aDevdasis
_xSocial conditions
_zSouth India.
653 0 _aPadams (Songs)
_a17th century
_aSouth India.
655 0 _aFeature films.
655 0 _aDocumentary films.
700 1 0 _aKumar, Sandhya.
700 1 0 _aMcCarthy, Justin
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