Schumpeter, Joseph A. 1883-1950.

Capitalism, socialism, and democracy / Joseph A. Schumpeter ; [with a new introduction by Thomas K. McCraw]. - 1st ed. - New York : Harper Perennial Modern Thought, 1950. - xxxii, 431 p. : 21 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Book Cover; Title; Copyright; Contents; Introduction; Part I: The Marxian Doctrine; 1 Marx The Prophet; 2 Marx The Sociologist; 3 Marx The Economist; 4 Marx The Teacher; Part Ii: Can Capitalism Survive?; 5 The Rate Of Increase Of Total Output; 6 Plausible Capitalism; 7 The Process Of Creative Destruction; 8 Monopolistic Practices; 9 Closed Season; 10 The Vanishing Of Investment Opportunity; 11 The Civilization Of Capitalism; 12 Crumbling Walls; 13 Growing Hostility; 14 Decomposition; Part Iii: Can Socialism Work?; 15 Clearing Decks; 16 The Socialist Blueprint; 17 Comparison Of Blueprints.
18 The Human Element19 Transition; Part Iv: Socialism And Democracy; 20 The Setting Of The Problem; 21 The Classical Doctrine Of Democracy; 22 Another Theory Of Democracy; 23 The Inference; Part V: A Historical Sketch Of Socialist Parties; 24 The Nonage; 25 The Situation That Marx Faced; 26 From 1875 To 1914; 27 From The First To The Second World War; 28 The Consequences Of The Second World War; Prefaces And Comments On Later Developments; Preface To The First Edition, 1942; Preface To The Second Edition, 1946; Preface To The Third Edition, 1949; The March Into Socialism; Notes; Index.

The most famous work by the great 20th-century economist Joseph Schumpeter, the prophet of globalization who coined the term "Creative Destruction."

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