Urban women in contemporary India a reader [Book] edited by Rehana Ghadially. - New Delhi Sage Publications 2007. - 372 p. ; 25 cm.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Section I: Re-constructing Gender
1. Adolescence, Embodiment and Gender Identity: Elite Women in a Changing Society /​ Meenakshi Thapan
2. Male Hindi Filmgoers Gaze: An Ethnographic Interpretation of Gender Construction /​ Steve Derne and Lisa Jadwin
3. Women as Emblems of Culture and Nation: Conceptions of the Hindu Right and the Democratic Womens Movement /​ U. Vindhya
4. Gender Roles and Cultural Continuity in the Asian-Indian Immigrant Community in the US /​ Shamita Das Dasgupta
Section II: Violence
5. Dowry-murder: An Example of Violence Against Women /​ Jane Rudd
6. When Homes are Torture Chambers: Vimochanas Work with Victims of Domestic Violence /​ Vimochana
7. Sexual Harassment at the Workplace /​ Vibhuti Patel
8. Empowerment Approaches to Gender-based Violence: Womens Courts in Delhi Slums /​ Veronica Magar
Section III: Media
9. Men and Women in Indian Magazine Advertisements: A Preliminary Report /​ Mallika Das
10. The Womens Movement and the Press in India: The Construction of Female Foeticide as a Social Issue /​ Rashmi Luthra
11. Portrayals of Sexual Violence in Popular Hindi Films, 1997-99 /​ Srividya Ramasubramanian and Mary Beth Oliver
12. Packaging the Contemporary Woman in Television Fiction: Deconstructing the Role of Commerce and Tradition Centre for Advocacy and Research
19. Empowering Women through ICT Education: Facilitating Computer Adoption /​ Farida Umrani and Rehana Ghadially
20. ICT Initiatives, Women and Work: Reproducing or Changing Gender Inequalities /​ Shobha Arun, Richard Heeks and Sharon Morgan
Section VI: Politics and Political Participation
21. Gender and Nationalism: The Masculinisation of Hinduism and Female Political Participation /​ Sikata Banarjee
22. Greater Political Representation for Women: A Brief History of Events and Debates /​ Leela Kasturi
23. The Womens Question in Contemporary Politics /​ Vasanthi Raman.

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Urban women--Social conditions.--India
Women's rights--India.

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