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020 _a0691070636 (pbk.)
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082 0 0 _a332.042 SAS
100 1 0 _aSassen, Saskia.
245 1 4 _aThe global city :
_bNew York, London, Tokyo /
_cSaskia Sassen.
246 1 3 _aGlobal city :
_bNew York, London, Tokyo /
250 _a2nd ed.
260 _aPrinceton, N.J. :
_bPrinceton University Press,
300 _axxvi, 447 p. :
_c24 cm.
500 _aReissue of the edition published in 1991.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 _a1. Overview Pt. 1. The Geography and Composition of Globalization 2. Dispersal and New Forms of Centralization 3. New Patterns in Foreign Direct Investment 4. Internationalization and Expansion of the Financial Industry Pt. 2. The Economic Order of the Global City 5. The Producer Services 6. Global Cities: Postindustrial Production Sites 7. Elements of a Global Urban System: Networks and Hierarchies Pt. 3. The Social Order of the Global City 8. Employment and Earnings 9. Economic Restructuring as Class and Spatial Polarization 10. A New Urban Regime? App. A. Classification of Producer Services U.S., Japanese, and British SIC App. B. Definitions of Urban Units: Tokyo, London, New York App. C. Population of Selected Prefectures and Major Prefectural Cities App. D. Tokyo's Land Market.
520 _a"This is a revised edition of the classic work that chronicles how New York, London, and Tokyo became command centers of the global economy and in the process underwent massive and parallel changes. Saskia Sassen has updated all the data in the book and thoroughly rewritten all of the chapters to engage with debates sparked by the first edition and reflect the trends in globalization that have occurred since the book came out in 1991. She has also added a new preface and a substantial new epilogue. This is a timely edition of a work that changed the way we think about cities in the global economy."--BOOK JACKET.
650 0 _aFinancial services industry
_zNew York (State)
_zNew York.
650 0 _aFinancial services industry
650 0 _aFinancial services industry
650 0 _aInternational finance.
650 0 _aInternational economic relations.
651 0 _aNew York (N.Y.)
_xEconomic conditions.
651 0 _aTokyo (Japan)
_xEconomic conditions.
651 0 _aLondon (England)
_xEconomic conditions.
856 4 1 _3Table of contents
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