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082 0 0 _a378.00954 IND
245 0 0 _aIndia higher education report 2017 :
_bteaching, learning and quality in higher education /
_cedited by N. V. Varghese, Anupam Pachauri, and Sayantan Mandal.
263 _a1807
264 1 _aNew Delhi, India ;
_aThousand Oaks, California :
300 _axxvi, 377 pages ;
_c22 cm
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338 _avolume
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
505 0 _aWorld university ranking systems: are they indicators of quality? / G. D. Sharma -- Measuring performance of higher education institutions (HEIs) and the national institutional ranking framework (NIRF) / Furqan Qamar -- Research on higher education in India / N. Jayaram -- Availability and shortages of teachers in higher education / Chiranjib Sen -- Professional development of teachers in higher education / Santosh Panda -- Critical perspectives of teaching-learning in Indian higher education / Sayantan Mandal -- Developing e-content for massive open online courses (MOOCs): an experience of teaching learning centre / Vimal Rarh -- Student assessments in higher education / K. Pushpanadham -- CBCS and semester system in Indian higher education / M. Rajivlochan and Meeta Rajivlochan -- Quality and accountability in higher education / Mariamma Varghese -- Managing quality at institutional level / B.S. Madhukar -- Effects of external and internal quality assurance on Indian higher education institutions / Anupam Pachauri -- Finance and quality: the reshaping of higher education / Aarti Srivastava -- Qualification frameworks for improving quality and relevance of education / N.V. Varghese.
520 _a"Understanding teaching, learning and quality in higher education requires in-depth engagement with theoretical discourse and empirical evidences. With this objective, the Centre for Policy Research in Higher Education (CPRHE) has initiated multiple research activities to develop deeper insights into quality concerns in higher education. India Higher Education Report 2017 evaluates the Indian higher education system in terms of teaching, learning and quality and presents a comprehensive analysis of reforms that took place in these domains. Organized into three major parts--ranking, research and quality; teachers and teaching-learning; and quality management--this book discusses changes and issues that have affected the country's higher education system in recent times. This seminal work is a must-have for scholars and researchers of education, social science and public policy"--
650 0 _aEducation, Higher
650 0 _aEducational equalization
700 1 _aVarghese, N. V.,
700 1 _aPachauri, Anupam,
700 1 _aMandal, Sayantan,
776 0 8 _iOnline version:
_tIndia higher education report 2017
_dNew Delhi, India ; Thousand Oaks, California : Sage, 2018
_w(DLC) 2018028256
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