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245 1 0 _aImagining India as a global power :
_bprospects and challenges /
_cedited by Sangit K Ragi, Sunil Sondhi and Vidhan Pathak.
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505 _aist of figures. List of tables. Preface. Introduction 1. India-China Relations in the 21st Century: Conflicts and Cooperation Sangit K. Ragi 2. India-China Relations in Changing Regional Dynamics Vikash Ranjan 3. India and the US: Drifting towards an Alliance? Uma Purushothaman 4. Changing Dynamics of US- China Relations: Implications for India Nalini Kant Jha 5. Revisiting Indo-Russian Relations: A Tale of Two Decades Abhay Kumar 6. India's relations with the European Union in the 21st Century Himmat Singh Deora 7. Is India a Hegemonic Power? Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies Srini Sitaraman 8. Indian Foreign Policy in Himalayan Region: A Changing Bhutan and an Assertive China Pranav Kumar 9. Indian Ocean in India's Geo-Strategic Calculus: Problems and Prospects for Maritime Security Sanju Gupta 10. 25 years of India-Central Asia Relations: An Overview Mahesh Ranjan Debata 11. India's Act-East Policy: Opportunities and Challenges Amit Singh 12. India-Africa Relations: Issues and Priorities Sandipani Dash 13. Increasing Role of Provinces in India's Foreign Policy Tridivesh Singh Maini 14. Indian Diaspora: A Strategic Asset for Indian Foreign Policy in the 21st Century Vidhan Pathak 15. Determinants of Indian Economic Growth Subhasis Bera 16. India's Military Modernization: Security Concern and Power Consolidation Vimal Nayan Pandey 17. Nuclear Energy and India's Energy Security: Challenges and Opportunities Chanchal Kumar. Index
650 0 _aGlobalization
651 0 _aIndia
_xEconomic conditions
_y21st century.
651 0 _aIndia
_xEconomic policy
_y21st century.
700 1 _aRagi, Sangit K.,
700 1 _aSondhi, Sunil.,
700 1 _aPathak, Vidhan.,
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