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020 _a8188965359 (hbk.)
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_a362.880820954 KAN
100 1 _aKannabiran, Kalpana.
245 1 0 _aFrom Mathura to Manorama :
_bresisting violence against women in India /
_cKalpana Kannabiran and Ritu Menon.
260 _c2007.
_bWomen Unlimited,
_aNew Delhi :
300 _avi, 201 p. :
_c22 cm.
490 1 _aFeminist fine print.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references.
520 _a"From the late 1970s to the present, feminists in India have had to deal with spiralling violence against women and the alarming ramifications of its forms, as well as assess their strategies to combat It. This monograph reviews twenty-five yers of protest and action by them, in an attempt to take both our analysis and theories forward. It maps the trajectory of feminist organizing in India in the post-Emergency period, after 1977; the paths of legal reform and the points at which they ahve intersected with, or resulted from, feminist campaigns; the texture of campaigns and the creativity with which women's groups have fashioned and sustained difficult struggles against violence; the persistence of feminist interventions and the ways in which different groups have been able to tilt the balance in favour of women in perceptible ways; and the escalation of collective violence, increasingly by agents of the state, against women." --Publisher description.
650 0 _aFeminism
650 0 _aFeminist jurisprudence
650 0 _aWomen
_xViolence against
700 1 _4Menon, Ritu.
710 2 _aInternational Centre for Ethnic Studies
856 4 1 _3Table of contents
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