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100 1 _aDuckworth, Holly Alison,
245 1 2 _aA six sigma approach to sustainability :
_bcontinual improvement for social responsibility /
_cHolly A. Duckworth, Andrea Hoffmeier.
264 1 _aBoca Raton :
_bCRC Press,
300 _axix, 225 pages :
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338 _avolume
490 0 _aIndustrial innovation series
504 _aIncludes bibliographical (pages 211-215) references and index.
505 _a Continual Improvement for Social Responsibility Introduction What Is Social Responsibility? Current Trends in Social Responsibility The Story of Continual Improvement The History of the Quality Movement The History of Six Sigma History of the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving Why Organizational Structure Is Important Important Factors in a Continual Improvement Program Typical Continual Improvement Program Strategy and Targets Roles and Responsibilities Methodology Putting the CI Program Together It's Time to Get to Work The SOFAIR Method Introduction to CISR and SOFAIR Operational Definitions of CISR and SOFAIR Terms A Walk through the SOFAIR Method SOFAIR in Summary How SOFAIR Is Deployed in an Organization Stakeholders and Subjects Phase Objective Phase Analyze Phase Innovate and Improve Phase Report and Repeat Phase Examples of SOFAIR in Action How to Get Started SOFAIR Example: Healthcare SOFAIR Example: Manufacturing SOFAIR Example: Business Process SOFAIR Example: Personal Taking Action Ten Things an Organizational Leader Can Do Ten Things a Project Leader Can Do Today as Social Responsibility Action Ten Things a Communicator Can Do Today as SR Action Ten Things a Team Member Can Do Today as Social Responsibility Action Appendix A: Glossary Appendix B: Additional References for CISR Practitioners Appendix C: References Index
520 _a"Explains and demonstrates the meaning of CISR--continual improvement for social responsibility--and illsutrates the six-step SOFAIR methodology with many examples"--Back cover.
650 7 _aIndustrial management
_xEnvironmental aspects.
650 7 _aSustainability.
700 1 _aHoffmeier, Andrea.
856 4 2 _3Table of contents
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