Rieuwerts, John.

The elements of environmental pollution / John Rieuwerts. - xx, 332 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Pollution issues --
Preface --
Pollution --
Carbon (C) --
Nitrogen (N) --
Phosphorus (P) --
Sulfur (S) --
Arsenic (As) --
Bromine (Br) --
Cadmium (Cd) --
Chlorine (Cl) --
Chromium (Cr) --
Copper (Cu) --
Fluorine (F) --
Lead (Pb) --
Mercury (Hg) --
Nickel (Ni) --
Selenium (Se) --
Tin (Sn) --
Uranium (U) --
Zinc (Zn) --
Additional environmental pollutants. Aluminium (Al) ; Boron (B) ; Cyanide (CN~) ; Manganese (Mn) ; Molybdenum (Mo) ; Silver (Ag) ; Thallium (Tl) ; Vanadium (V) ; Remaining elements ; Non-chemical pollution.

"Environmental pollution is one of humanity's most pressing issues and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Anthropogenic activity is disturbing natural cycles and generating pollutants that are altering the atmosphere, accumulating in the food chain and contaminating the world's soils, rivers and oceans. Human health and ecosystems continue to be damaged by toxic metals, persistent organic pollutants, radionuclides and other hazardous materials. The Elements of Environmental Pollution provides comprehensive coverage of this essential subject. It explains the key principles of pollution science, assesses human disturbances of natural element cycles and describes local and global pollution impacts, from smoggy cities, polluted lakes and toxic soils to climate change, ocean acidification and marine dead zones. The book is informed by the latest pollution research and benefits from numerous real-world examples and international case studies. A comprehensive glossary provides clear and concise explanations of key concepts."--Back cover.

9780415859202 (pbk.) 9780415859196 (hbk.)


Environmental chemistry.
Pollution--Environmental aspects.

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