Green politics / edited by Anil Agarwal, Sunita Narain and Anju Sharma. - New Delhi : Centre for Science and Environment, 1999. - vi, 409 p. : ill. ; 27 cm. - Global environmental negotiations ; no. 1 .

Includes bibliographical references (p. 373-406).

1. Boiling point
2. Biodiversity
3. Rio's stepchild
4. Toxic travellers
5. Wood-headed proposal
6. Free, not fair
7. 'MAI'ght of OECD
8. 'Polluter says' principle
9. Battle for turf

Green Politics, the first in a series of publications on global environmental negotiations (GEN) provides a close analysis of important environment-related conventions and institutions from their origins, and demystifies the global politics behind 'saving the environment'. The book presents a first-ever comprehensive Southern perspective of the impact of global environmental governance on the real lives of real people. Rather than promoting democracy and equality and building a just framework for future governance, environmental negotiations have turned into business transactions, where the rich and powerful often trample on the poor and weak.

Environmental policy--International cooperation.
Environmental protection--International cooperation.

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