India through American eyes : 100 years ago / edited by Pran Nevile. - Delhi : Primus Books, 2014. - xviii, 307 p. : illustrations, portraits ; 25 cm

Includes index.

1.The British Raj in India /​ H.M. Hyndman
2.Eastern Craftsmen and Western Markets /​ M.D.C. Crawford
3.Democracy and India /​ Charles Johnston
4.The Economic Basis in India /​ H.M. Hyndman
5.Dropping the White Man's Burden /​ H.M. Hyndman
6.Gandhi, Religious Politician /​ Gertrude Emerson
7.Intransigent India /​ Gertrude Emerson
8.'Non-Violent Non-Cooperation' in India /​ Gertrude Emerson
9.Overcrowded India /​ Harold Cox
10.Self-Government for India /​ E.S. Montagu
11.This is India /​ Gertrude Emerson
12.Indian Miniature Painting /​ Percy Brown
13.A Way Out for Rural India /​ Daniel Swamidoss
14.Medieval and Modern Hinduism /​ Amanda Coomaraswamy and Stella Block
15.'Jadu', White and Black /​ L. Adams Beck
16.A 'Pariah' in the Heavens /​ L.G. Blochman
17.The Singing Voice of India /​ Mary Lucia Bierce Fuller
18.Indian Snake-Charmers /​ Lily Strickland Anderson
19.Tata, Indian Industrial Genius /​ Hawthorne Daniel
Contents note continued: 20.Gandhi's Spinning-Wheel and the Steel Plow /​ J.S. Parker
21.Nautch-Girls and Old Rhythms of India /​ Lily Strickland Anderson
22.India's 'Soul-Power' /​ Jane Alden
23.Are Gandhi and Ford on the Same Road? /​ Drew Pearson
24.Machines and Gods in a Bombay Mill /​ Henry R. Band
25.What Gl's Learned in India /​ Norman Kiell.

Contributed articles. "Presents a rare collection of writings on India of the early twentieth century - a period that witnessed an upsurge in American consciousness of the Indian nation and its culture...from ASIA: the American Magazine on the Orient (1901-1946)"

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India --History--20th century.

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