The Sage handbook of the 21st century city / Handbook of the 21st century city. edited by Suzanne Hall, Ricky Burdett. - xxiii, 706 pages : illustrations, maps ; 26 cm.

Includes bibliographical references at the end of each chapters and index.

""Contents""; ""List of Figures""; ""List of Tables""; ""Notes on Editors and Contributors""; ""Publishers Acknowledgements""; ""1-Introduction: Urban Churn""; ""The Structure of the Book""; ""2-The Global Urban: Difference and Complexity in Urban Studies and the Science of Cities""; ""3-Urban Studies and the Postcolonial Encounter""; ""4-Elements for a New Epistemology of the Urban""; ""5-The Elite Habitus in Cities of Accumulation""; ""6-Reimagining Chinese London""; ""7-Eviction and the Reproduction of Urban Poverty""; ""8-Global Cities: Places for Researching the Translocal""
""9-Origins of an Urban Crisis: The Restructuring of the San Francisco Bay Area and the Geography of Foreclosure""""10-Urban Economies and Social Inequalities""; ""11-Ruination and Post-industrial Urban Decline""; ""12-The Political Sociology of Cities and Urbanisation Processes: Social Movements, Inequalities and Governance""; ""13-Limits to South Africa Right to the City Prospects for and beyond Urban Commoning""; ""14-Aesthetic Governmentality: Administering the World-Class City in Delhi's Slums""; ""15-Post-disaster Recovery and Rebuilding""
""16-What the Eye Does Not See: The Yamuna in the Imagination of Delhi""""17-Endangered City: Security and Citizenship in Bogota""; ""18-The European Refugee Crisis in Cities: Vulnerability, Truth, and Ethics of the Surface""; ""19-The Time of and Temporal (Un)Civility of the City: MENA Urban Insurgencies and Revolutions""; ""20-Violent Infrastructures, Places of Conflict: Urban Order in Divided Cities""; ""21-The Majority-world and the Politics of Everyday Living in Southeast Asia""; ""22-Incremental Urbanism and Tactical Learning: Reflections from Mumbai and Kampala""
""23-Infrastructure Deficits and Potential in African Cities""""24-City of Migrants""; ""25-The Migrant Street""; ""26-Rethinking Border Cities: In-between Spaces, Unequal Actors and Stretched Mobilities across the China Southeast Asia Borderland""; ""27-Re-bordering Camp and City: Race Space and Citizenship in Dhaka""; ""28-The Essences of Multiculture: A Sensory Exploration of an Inner-City Street Market""; ""29-The Contradictions of Urban Public Space: The View from London and New York""; ""30-The Public Life of Social Capital""
""31-Johannesburg Lagos: From the Speculative to the Littoral City""""32-The Public Realm""; ""33-Urban Design: Beyond Architecture at Scale""; ""34-Towards a Minor Global Architecture at Lamu, Kenya""; ""35-Forensic Architecture: Political Practice, Activism, Aesthetics""; ""36-Designing Infrastructure""; ""37-A Latecomer Imagines the City""

Tackling the questions raised by twenty-first century urbanization, this handbook engages with contemporary debates and contributions to policy as well as looking at recent empirical and methodological shifts in the area.

9781473907560 (hardback : alk. paper)

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