Kaushik, Neeti,

Quick, smart grammar : Pronouns / Neeti Kaushik & Anamika Dutta ; edited by Payal Chowdhry - 40 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm - Young learner's quick, smart grammar .

Pronouns -- Personal Pronouns -- Reflexive Pronouns -- Emphatic Pronouns -- Relative Pronouns -- Interrogative Pronouns -- Indefinite Pronouns -- Demonstrative Pronouns -- Possessive Pronouns.

Smart Grammar is a series of nine books (four colour) for children of primary classes, covering the eight parts of speech: - Nouns - Adjectives - Pronouns - Verbs - Adverbs - Prepositions - Interjections - Conjunctions It also explains the correct usage of punctuation marks and takes up the grammar concepts of: - Sentences - Articles - Determiners Key features: - Can be used either with the course book in school or for extra practice at home - Simple and comprehensible descriptions would benefit children who are learning English as a foreign language - Explanations are clear and easy to remember - Concepts have been complemented with examples to show how the grammar rules work - Interesting and vivid collection of practice activities covering every element of grammar - A colourful, yet uncluttered layout comes alive with animated illustrations - Elements such as Grab a Grammar Fact, charts and tables focus on clarifying grammatical intricacies in a simple manner - Cool ideas for the child’s own Grammar Scrapbook - Answers at the end of the books for assistance.

9788189852238 (paperback)

English language--Pronouns.
English language --Grammar.
English language--Pronouns--Problems, exercises, etc.
English language--Usage.

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