Circular migration and multilocational livelihood strategies in rural India / edited by Priya Deshingkar & John Farrington. - x, 320 pages : illustrations, maps ; 22 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

1.A Framework for Understanding Circular Migration /​ John Farrington /​ Priya Deshingkar
2.Circular Migration and Labour Supply: Responses to Climatic Shocks /​ Abla Safir /​ Reena Badiani
3.The Evolving Pattern of Circular Migration and Commuting: Household Surveys in Andhra Pradesh /​ John Farrington /​ S. Laxman Rao /​ Shaheen Akter /​ Priya Deshingkar
4.The Evolving Pattern of Circular Migration and Commuting: Household Surveys in Madhya Pradesh /​ John Farrington /​ Priya Deshingkar /​ Sushil Kumar /​ Pramod Sharma /​ Shaheen Akter
5.Circular Migration Streams from Southern Rajasthan: Brick Kiln Work. Work in Textile Markets, and Ice Cream Vending /​ Bharati Joshi /​ Rajiv Khandelwal
6.Circular Migration in Bihar: The Money Order Economy /​ Priya Deshingkar /​ Sushil Kumar /​ Dhananjay Kumar /​ Harendra Kumar Choubey
7.Brick Kiln Workers from Jharkhand: The Labour of Love /​ Alpa Shah
Contents note continued: 8.'When You Go to Other Places, You Have to be Smart': Seasonal Migration in Southern Madhya Pradesh /​ Sophie Llewelyn
9.The National Employment Guarantee Act and Migration Policy: Lessons from Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh /​ S. Laxman Rao
10.Serving Migrants: Reflections on the Aajeevika Bureau Experience /​ Elon Gilbert /​ Rajiv Khandelwal /​ Whitney Gantt
11.Seeking Informal Social Protection: Migrant Households in Rural West Bengal /​ Deeptima Massey
12.Social Protection and Migrant Support /​ John Farrington /​ Priya Deshingkar.

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Migration, Internal--India.
Rural-urban migration--India.
Migrant labor--Social conditions.--India
Seasonal labor--India.

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