Das, Amiya Kumar.

Urban planning in India / Amiya Kumar Das. - viii, 254 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

1.A Brief History of City Building
Ancient Cities
Classic Cities
Medieval Cities
Neo-Classic Cities
Colonial and Industrial Cities
Reconstruction of Cities
Development of Modern Cities
Capital Cities of the 20th Century
2.Development of Modern Urban Planning
Influence of Scientific and Technological Inventions
Influence of Art and Architecture Movements on Planning
Social Reforms
Changing Emphasis in Planning: Purposes of Planning
Changing Urban Planning Concepts
Urban Growth Management
Environmental Consciousness
Sustainable Community
Strategic Planning
Public Participation and Consensus Building
The Planning Process (The Urban Planning System)
Innovative Planning Tools
3.The General Plan Preparation
Planning Analysis of Current Situation
Physical Planning and Community Development Elements
Planning Municipal and Other Governmental Services Elements
Contents note continued: Coordination of Governments and Community Participation
Future Land Use and Transportation Plan
Revision of General Plan
4.The Planning Agency: Organization and Structure
State Government as Planning Agency
Local Government as Planning Agency
Functions of a Planning Agency
The City Planning Commission or Board and Metropolitan Planning
Commission or Board Organization of Activities
5.Plan Implementation
Subdivision Regulations
Building Codes
Infrastructure Development
Capital Improvement: Projects, Planning, Programming and Budgeting
Implementation Politics
6.Budgeting and Finance
Local Government Revenues
What are Capital Improvements?
Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Office
Projects that are Capital Improvements but not the Responsibility of the Municipality
Financing the Capital Improvements
Financing for Urbanization and Shortage of Urban Services in India
Contents note continued: Progress of Urban Reforms and Financial Assistance by External Agencies
Financing by U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
Financing by World Bank (WB)
Financing by the Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Latest Aid Agreement
Procuring Funds from Financial Institutions
7.Planning Law: Legal Basis of Planning
State Enabling Legislation
Property Rights Within the Context of Social Planning
Difficulties of Public Planning on Private Land
Harmful Laws and Practices: Squatters, Rent Control, Eviction
8.India's Housing Crisis
The Housing Shortage
Urban Slums and Squatter Settlements
Low and Middle Income Housing
Housing Process in the United States
India's Housing Efforts
Obstacles in India's Housing Efforts
Technological Innovations
9.The Future of Urbanization in India
Economic Boom in India is Real
Wisdom of the Father
The British Experience
Contents note continued: The Central Place Theory
The Reality of Metropolis and Megalopolis
Industrial Agglomeration is No Longer Necessary
Plan for Decongestion of Metropolitan Cities, Control Congestion in Growing Cities, and Build New Cities
India's Balanced Development and Regional Urban Development Policy
State and Regional Planning
Satellite Cities in the Making
10.An Evaluation of Guwahati Master Plan: A Sad Story of Missed Opportunities
Guwahati's Planning History
Growth of Guwahati
Vehicular Traffic in Guwahati
Guwahati's Future
Public Responsibilities
My City Planning Ordeal
The Assam Town and Country Planning Act, 1959
Financing Improvements
Dilemma of High Rise Buildings
Limits of Growth
Public Apathy
11.Urban Renewal and Infrastructure Improvement
What is Urban Renewal
Fanci Bazar Jail Site Renewal and Urban Design
Riverside Development
Government Owned Lands and Properties
Contents note continued: Renewal of Existing Developments
Poor Infrastructure
12.Solutions to Drainage Problems in Guwahati
Understanding the Drainage Problems
Stormwater Management Plan
13.Managing Floods with Conservation of Flood Water in Lakes and Wetlands
Current Strategy: Flood Control by Draining Flood Water
Flood Water Conservation Strategy: An Alternate Solution
Manage Watersheds and Restore Lakes
Foresight, Wisdom and Determination
Potential Economic Effects of a Flood Management Program.

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City planning--India.

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