Geddes, Patrick., Sir,

Town planning towards city development : a report to the Durbar of Indore / by Patrick Geddes ; introduction by Ram Bromley. - xxiii, 498 pages : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm - Studies in international planning history .

Originally published in 1918

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction Volume I Part I Section 1. Indore Prelimiary City Survey, and Interpretation I. Indore City, from Its Early BeginningsII. Preliminary Survey (Continued)III. Recent IndoreSection 2. Public HealthIV. Public Health in the Industrial AgeSection 3. Industries; and New Industrial Town (Chapters V-VI)V. Regional Industries, Rural and Urban VI. Planning of Extension at Cotton Mill Area, as New Industrial Town (Naya Indore)Section 4. Water SuppliesVII. Indore Water SuppliesSection 5. Drainage; (Recent Scheme, made before Town Planning)VIII. Report on Recently Proposed Drainage Scheme for IndoreSection 6. Extensions, Housing and Sanitation (Chapters IX-XIII)IX. Suburbs of Indore: Plague Camps, Gardon Villages, and Industrial Housing with appropriate Sanitation.X. Housing of Cotton WorkersXI. Suburb Planning in DetailXII. Sanitary Problems ContinuedXIII. Constructive ProblemsSection 7. Park and Garden Designing, River Purification &c. (Chapters XIV-XXIII)XIV. Garden Designs for Indore City, abd their BearingsXV. Central Palace gardens and AvenuesXVI. Chhatri Bagh, as Sarced Park of IndoreXVII. Zoological ParkXVIII. Zoological Garden Comlpeted; Pleasure Garden and Sports ParkXIX. Further Gardens, Studious and PracticalXX. Palace Gardens and ParkXXI. Indore- River SystemXXII. Proposed Educational and Scientific BuildingsXXIII. Indore Garden Schemes as WholeSection 8. Improvement of City Quarters (East Bank Chiefly) (Chapters XXIV-XXVI)XXIV. Improvement of Indore City QuartersXXV. City Quarters ContinuedXXVI. City Quarters ContinuedXXVII. City Quarters ContinuedSection 9. School PlanningXXVIII. The Needed Re-planning of Schools as Open-Air SchoolsXXIX. School Planning Continued: Education for LifeXXX. Housing Difficulties againSection 10. Improvement of City Quarters Continued (Chapters XXXI-XXXV)XXXI. City Quarters Continued: V. Ara BazarXXXII. Central City Improvements VIXXXIII. City Quarters Continued: VII The Six SquaresXXXIV. City Quarters Continued VIII Mohallas North of the Six SquaresXXXV. Northward Suburbs IXXXXVI. Indore East of RailwaySection 11. Cleansing and DrainageXXXVII. Cleansing before DrainageXXXVIII. Surface DrainsXXXIX. Drainage after Town Planning and Cleansing: Proposed Drainage SchemeXL. Possible Future Underground Drainage SchemeSection 12. Railway Station and Western SuburbsXLI. Railway Station NeighbourhoodXLII. Western and Northern Suburbs Volume IISection II. Universalities in India and in EuropeII. The Present Universality SituationIII. University Renewal, as aided by Reconstruction after WarIV. Beginning of the Past-Germanic UniversityV. Central Library and Museum, and TheatreVI. Applications in EducationVII. Wider Outlooks in Higher and Adult EducationVIII. Further beginnings Towards the University of IndoreIX. State Scientific Institutes, as nascent University DepartmentsX. Faculties and Schools of the Modern University and Their Insufficiency for IndoreXI. Constructive Proposal: School of MusicXII. Further Constructive ProposalsXIII. The Nascent University at Work in IndoreXIV. Conditions for a New UniversityXV. From "Examinations, and Research" to Research and EstimationXVI. Conclusion of University Report, though incompleteSection IIXVII. Introductory to EstimatesXVIII. Water and Drainage EstimatesXIX. Estimates Continued: Improvements of Old CityXX. Estimates Continued: New Communications etc. XXI. Estimates Continued: Gardens and ParksXXII. Institutes, Library &c.XXIII. Estimates Continued: New Housing in Old City for Poorer ClassesXXIV. Estimates Continued: Layout of Industrial TownXXV. Summary of All EstimatesSection IIIXXVI. Suggestions towards Procedure and AdministrationXXVII. The Needed Town Planning and Improvement Office and its ManagementSection IVXXVIII. Housing and Cleansing, in Old City Especially Housing GenerallyXXIX. Planning and Progress of the New Industrial TownXXX. Planning of Industrial Town (See Plan II)XXXI. Housing Forecast, and Building Estimates, for Industrial Town etc. XXXII. Garden Cities and their Critics: with Replies to TheseXXXIII. Industrial Efficiency and the Requirements of HousingSection VXXXIV. City Health Improvement as Productive Improvement: Plague Losses and Plague MeasuresXXXV. Public Health Losses of Indore, other than Plague; and Practical MeasuresXXXVI. Disease as Poverty; and Public Health as Public WealthSection VIXXXVII. Proposed Civic Association: Friends of IndoreXXXVIII. Public Generosities; Local Enterprises, Co-Operative banking, and Social FinanceSection VIIXXXIX. Indore as City StateXL. The CitySection VIIIXLI. Essentials of the Present ReportXLII. AgendaXLIII. Concluding Summary

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