Donovan, Jenny (Urban designer),

Designing the compassionate city : creating places where people thrive / Jenny Donovan. - 1 Edition. - xii, 244 pages ; color illustrations ; 25 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Introduction -- Human needs -- Embedding and receiving the messages in the urban environment -- What makes a place nurturing or neglectful? -- Living in the compassionate city -- Play quarters, london -- Benches collective, various locations in the Netherlands and overseas -- Tower hamlets cemetery park, london -- De ceuvel, Amsterdam -- Woonerven, Netherlands and overseas -- Christie Walk, Adelaide -- The secular pilgrimage and South Melbourne Commons, Melbourne -- Stewartstown Road Centre, Belfast -- UN habitat placemaking projects in West Bank villages, palestine -- The obstacles and pitfalls to creating places where people thrive -- Designing the compassionate city -- Applying compassionate city principles -- Conclusions.

"Designing the Compassionate City outlines an approach to urban design that is centred on an explicit recognition of the inherent dignity of all people. It suggests that whether we thrive or decline--as individuals or as a community--is dependent on our ability to fulfil the full spectrum of our needs. This book considers how our surroundings help or hinder us from meeting these needs by influencing both what we can do and what we want to do; either inspiring us to lead healthy, fulfilled lives or consigning us to diminished lives tainted by ill health and unfulfilled potential. Designing the Compassionate City looks at how those who participate in designing towns and cities can collaborate with those who live in them to create places that help people to accumulate the life lessons, experiences and achievements, as well as forge the connections to meet their needs, to thrive and to fulfil their potential. The book explores a number of inspiring case studies that have sought to meet this challenge and examines what has worked and what hasn't. From this, some conclusions are drawn about how we can all participate in creating places that leave a lasting legacy of empowerment and commitment to nurturing one another. It is essential reading for students and practitioners designing happier, healthier places. "--Provided by publisher.

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Architecture and society.
City planning.

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