Larraín, Jorge, 1942-

Theories of development : capitalism, colonialism, and dependency / Jorge Larraín. - ix, 252 pages ; 24 cm

Includes bibliographical references (p. [213]-242) and index.

Introduction ; Chapter 1: Early Capitalism: Classical Political Economy and Marx ; Chapter 2: The Expansion of capitalism: colonialism and imperialism ; Chapter 3: Late Capitalism: Modernization and the Economic Commission for Latin America ; Chapter 4: Dependency, Unequal Exchange and Underdevelopment ; Chapter 5: Dependency, Industrialization and Development ; Chapter 6: Latin American Dependency and Historical Materialism: A Theoretical Challenge.

An introductory text which provides an up-to-date account of leading theories of development. The book includes a discussion of classical accounts of development, particularly that of Marx, but goes right up to the present time in considering current debates on the issue.

9780745607115 (pbk.) 074560711X (pbk.)


Economic development.
Marxian economics.

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