Mindfulness in organizations : foundations, research, and applications / edited by Jochen Reb and Paul W.B. Atkins. - xviii, 418 pages ; 24 cm - Cambridge companions to management .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Foreword; Preface; Part I. Foundations: 1. Introduction Jochen Reb and Paul W. B. Atkins; 2. What is mindfulness, and why should organizations care about it? Shauna L. Shapiro, Margaret C. Wang and Emily H. Peltason; 3. Mindfulness: historical and contemplative context and recent developments Michael Chaskalson and Sharon Grace Hadley; 4. Methods of mindfulness: how mindfulness is studied in the workplace Ellen Choi and Hannes Leroy; 5. Applying mindfulness in the context of work: mindfulness-based interventions Hugo J. E. M. Alberts and Ute R. HuÌ lsheger; Part II. Research: 6. Mindfulness, identity and work: mindfulness training creates a more flexible sense of self Paul W. B. Atkins and Robert Styles; 7. Improving decision making through mindfulness Natalia Karelaia and Jochen Reb; 8. Mindfulness and creativity in the workplace Ravi S. Kudesia; 9. How being mindful impacts individuals' work-family balance, conflict, and enrichment: a review of existing evidence, mechanisms and future directions Tammy D. Allen and E. Layne Paddock; 10. Building and maintaining better leadership relationships through mindfulness Richard E. Boyatzis; 11. Leading with mindfulness: exploring the relation of mindfulness with leadership behaviors, styles, and development Jochen Reb, Samantha Sim, Kraivin Chintakananda and Devasheesh P. Bhave; 12. Mindfulness in interpersonal negotiations: delineating the concept of mindfulness and proposing a mindful, relational self-regulation (MRSR) model Dejun Tony Kong; 13. Drawing the line: sketching out the role of visual templates in individual mindfulness and mindful organizing Christian Gartner and Christian Huber; Part III. Applications: 14. Awakening at work: introducing mindfulness into organizations Mirabai Bush; 15. Mindfulness and the inside work of management: the Executive Mind at The Peter F. Drucker School of Management â Jeremy Hunter; 16. Mindfulness in coaching Liz Hall; Index.

This book provides researchers and professionals with an overview of the latest theory and empirical research on mindfulness in an organizational context.

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Job stress.
Organizational behavior.
Psychology, Industrial.
Work--Psychological aspects.
Management--Psychological aspects.
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