Inequality : causes and consequences / edited by Lorenzo Cappellari, Solomon W. Polachek, Konstantinos Tatsiramos. - xiii, 476 pages ; 24 cm - Research in Labor Economics, 43 . - Research in Labor Economics, 43 .


Includes bibliographical references.

Inequality of Opportunity in Europe: is There a Role for Institutions? /​ Laura Serlenga
Household Lifetime Inequality Estimates in the U.S. Labor Market /​ Mauricio Salazar
Estimating the Intergenerational Elasticity and Rank Association in the United States: Overcoming the Current Limitations of Tax Data /​ Bhashkar Mazumder
Income Shocks or Insurance - what Determines Consumption Inequality? /​ Johannes Ludwig
The Role of Establishments and the Concentration of Occupations in Wage Inequality /​ James R. Spletzer
Inequality and Changes in Task Prices: Within and Between Occupation Effects /​ Thomas Lemieux
Intergenerational Transmission of Skills and Differences in Labor Market Outcomes FOR BLACKS AND WHITES /​ Emiko Usui
The College Wage Premium Over Time: Trends in Europe in the Last 15 Years /​ Elena Crivellaro
Rising Wage Inequality, Real Wage Stagnation and Unions /​ Stephen Machin
Contents note continued: Is There an Advantage to Working? the Relationship Between Maternal Employment and Intergenerational Mobility /​ Peter Gottschalk.

9781785608117 (hardback)

Labor economics.
Equality--Economic aspects.
Wage differentials.
Income distribution.

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