Hydrologic remote sensing : capacity building for sustainability and resilience / edited by Yang Hong, Yu Zhang, Sadiq Ibrahim Khan. - xviii, 395 pages : illustrations ; 25 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Machine generated contents note: SECTION I Remote Sensing Observations and Estimations
ch. 1 From Tropical to Global Precipitation Measurement: Initial Validation and Application /​ Yang Hong
ch. 2 Evapotranspiration Mapping Utilizing Remote Sensing Data /​ Yang Hong
ch. 3 Soil Moisture Estimation Using Active and Passive Remote Sensing Techniques /​ Guanghua Qin
ch. 4 Satellite Remote Sensing of Lakes and Wetlands /​ Hyongki Lee
ch. 5 Drought and Flood Monitoring for a Large Karst Plateau in Southwest China Using Extended GRACE Data /​ Lu Chen
SECTION II Modeling, Data Assimilation, and Analysis
ch. 6 Statistical and Hydrologic Evaluation of TRMM-Based Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis over the Wangchu Basin of Bhutan: Are the Latest Satellite Precipitation Products 3B42V7 Ready for Use in Ungauged Basins? /​ Sheng Chen
ch. 7 An Advanced Distributed Hydrologic Framework: The Development of CREST /​ Zengchao Hao
Contents note continued: ch. 8 Assimilation of Remotely Sensed Streamflow Data to Improve Flood Forecasting in Ungauged River Basin in Africa /​ Yang Hong
ch. 9 Multi-Sensor Geospatial Data for Flood Monitoring along Indus River, Pakistan /​ Zachary L. Flamig
ch. 10 Evaluating the Diurnal Cycle of Precipitation Representation in West African Monsoon Region with Different Convection Schemes /​ Taikan Oki
ch. 11 Multiscale Evaluation and Applications of Current Global Satellite-Based Precipitation Products over the Yangtze River Basin /​ Qinghua Miao
ch. 12 Uncertainty Analysis of Five Satellite-Based Precipitation Products and Evaluation of Three Optimally Merged Multialgorithm Products over the Tibetan Plateau /​ Manabendra Saharia
ch. 13 Use of Remote Sensing-Based Precipitation Data for Flood Frequency Analysis in Data-Poor Regions: Case of Blue Nile River Basin, Ethiopia /​ Seleshi Bekele Awulachew
Contents note continued: SECTION III Hydrologic Capacity Building for Improved Societal Resilience
ch. 14 Real-Time Hydrologic Prediction System in East Africa through SERVIR /​ Lawrence Okello
ch. 15 Satellite Remote Sensing Drought Monitoring and Predictions over the Globe /​ Xinyi Shen
ch. 16 Capacity-Building Efforts in Hydrologic Modeling for Africa: Workshops about CREST Model /​ Robert A. Clark
ch. 17 Assessment of Shallow Landslides Induced by Mitch Using a Physically Based Model: A Case Study in Honduras /​ Dalia Kirschbaum
ch. 18 Applied Research and Future of Flood Monitoring in Indus River Basin /​ Zachary L. Flamig
ch. 19 Investigating Satellite-Based Observations to Improve Societal Resilience to Hydrometeorological Hazard in Colombia /​ Maritza Paez
ch. 20 Cloud-Based Cyber-Infrastructure for Disaster Monitoring and Mitigation /​ Guoqiang Tang.

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Watershed management.
Hydrologic models.
Groundwater--Remote sensing.
Droughts--Remote sensing.
Floods--Remote sensing.
Sustainable development.

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